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Systools XLS File Recovery
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26 December 2011

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M S Office Excel originated by Microsoft Inc. in 1993.
MS Office Excel is used worldwide mostly for business purpose for calculating, graphing tool, pivot table and a macro language VBA. MS Excel has different versions with .xls and .xlsx file extension. XLS file Extension used in early versions of MS Excel like 93, 95, 97, XP and 2003.
Some causes which make your Excel file corrupt: -
1. Excel file allow VBA that make excel file executable and heavy.
2. File size of a file make it corrupt.
3. Whenever the file is transferred from one system to another it may corrupt.
4. Virus attacks also corrupt a file from healthy one.
If you face any of related problems mention above you can get help to recover your file. Excel file are important file that contain data in form of table. Get your file recovered from corrupt to healthy one.
Recover or covert from xls to csv, xls to rtf, xls to txt, xls to doc, xls to ods and get remote excel xls recovery services on your system.
Get your recovered data of any size at your system through remote computing. Convert your xls file to open document spreadsheet.
SysTools Excel recovery services start from only $29 only. Repair, convert and restore any size of file at your System. SysTools service repair your excel file guaranteed.

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